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I need help


If you are in a relationship and you fear for your life and your safety, you should speak to a family member, a friend, a trusted faith leader, a co-worker, a neighbor, a Violence against Women worker or advocate or anyone else you trust with your safety.

If at any time you are in danger or you fear for your life due to the actions of your partner call 9-1-1 immediately.

Reasons for which you should call the police:

  • They are mandated to protect you
  • They can assist you and any children to leave home safely
  • You can immediately report what happened to you
  • You will also be assisted in creating a medical report
  • They can provide you access to different resources, like shelters
  • Having a documented police report can assist you legally in the future

It is important to have a safety plan prepared and practiced in case there is ever a need for a quick and unsuspecting departure from the home in which you are experiencing abuse.

See safety plan at the link here

See the link here for more resources



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