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What An Unhealthy Family Looks Like


What is an unhealthy relationship


An unhealthy relationship is caused by a power imbalance within the relationship and thus can affect both men and women. The person who aims to control the other person can be a male or female. Research shows that the typical perpetrator within an unhealthy relationship is male, and victims are mainly women. An unhealthy relationship may begin from what seems to be a healthy relationship, but it may quickly or slowly become an unhealthy relationship.

Not all conflict is unhealthy, in fact any normal healthy relationship will experience conflict. When conflict or difficulty is truly a problem is when the dominant partner in a relationship begins to create an unsafe environment through the actions they exhibit. You are in an unhealthy relationship if you’ve been physically harmed, you feel pressure to act or behave in a certain way, you are forced to participate in activities which you do not wish to, and if your privacy or personal space is being violated.

You can recognize unhealthy relationships when:

  • You don’t feel respected, or equal to your partner
  • You don’t feel safe or comfortable around your partner
  • You don’t feel your needs are met
  • You don’t feel you can share your voice or opinion without facing ridicule or backlash

If you recognize these traits within your relationship, you are in an unhealthy relationship. Unhealthy relationships can manifest a range of consequences; from threatening and name calling, accusations based on jealousy, to hitting and kicking, to withholding love and financial support, to neglect, to something as serious as torture and murder.

If you are in an unhealthy relationship but you wish to work on improving it, please see professional assistance if possible. If your partner does not wish to participate, seek out support for yourself.



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