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What is abuse?


Emotional abuse is a damaging form of abuse, in that it is hard to recognize. Abuser can manipulate those being abused into viewing emotional abuse as forms of love or care. The reality is that emotional abuse can leave a lifetime of scars for those who experience it. The difficulty of emotional abuse is that it reduces one’s sense of self and ability to make good decisions for their own self. When one experiences emotional abuse, it makes them question their understanding of reality.

Emotional abuse occurs in a variety of forms which include:

  • threats of harm
  • forcibly taking children away
  • deportation, abandonment
  • using manipulation to damage self-confidence and lower self-esteem
  • instilling fear, talking down to someone
  • silent treatment
  • humiliating, name calling, and belittling
  • withholding love and affection
  • unfair comparisons to others
  • controlling what a person wear, and where they go, and who they talk to

Severe emotional abuse can damage one’s physical and mental health, and no abuse is ever okay.



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