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Enough. Let's End Abuse Together


What is Abuse?


Financial abuse is difficult to detect in Somali society, as women are often not usually the bread-winner of their families. The aim of the abuser who abuses someone financial is to restrict their freedom, and the ability to make decisions for their own self.

Financial abuse occurs in a variety of forms, including:

  • withholding or having direct control over financial means
  • misallocating funds
  • preventing one from gaining financial security and freedom by confining them to the home
  • restricting access to education
  • restricting access to bank accounts and savings accounts
  • strict funding and monitoring of expenditures
  • forging signatures on financial documents
  • unequal split of funds to buy clothing/items (husband buys himself expensive clothing, does not buy wife/children anything)
  • deliberately not paying bills

Financial abuse like other forms of abuse is a mechanism to exercise control and dominance.



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