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What We Stand For


What We Stand For


Ontario Women’s Network was established in 2015 as a mission to end all violence against women and children. Currently, there are three cities that are collaboratively engaged with Ontario Women’s Network: Toronto, Hamilton and Kitchener.

The Ontario Women’s Network program was first established by Family Service Toronto which provided community support programs dealing with the issue of Violence against Women in the Somali-Canadian community.

Family Service Toronto has launched a pilot project that was funded by the Ontario Women’s Directorate and the project is a campaign that promotes positive change through education. The aim is to end violence against women and their children within the Somali-Canadian community in Ontario.

Through the campaign’s education program, women from these cities saw and experienced the positive change that the program brought to them. From there our participants have come together and have become champions in their commitment to end all types of violence. The need for women to create a space where they can exchange their knowledge and create connections within the community - this need is what drove the establishment of Ontario Women’s Network.

We partnered with prominent Somali figures. Nakruma is the current spokesperson for Sheeko Sheeko Project and Ontario Women’s Network. Nakurma is a prominent Somali singer, actress and entertainer; she is a trailblazer for female Somali public figures as one of the first women to become widely known in the nation for her work during the 1960s and 70s. She now resides in Toronto, Canada.




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